Blocks are self contained structural elements in Gantry 5 that can be particles, positions or spacers. They have several controls, such as sizing, but also allow you to select from a dropdown list of variations, as well as insert your own CSS classes.

Your Faro Airport Car Hire Booking online allows you to rent your car hire in Faro airport at a lower price than if you rent it over the counter or over the phone. But that is not all, you can rent a car at an even cheaper price if you book in advance. By booking your car hire ahead for your holidays in Algarve you are helping us to better plan our fleet and so you are rewarded with lower car hire price and delivery guarantee because you are not taking the risk of last minute no availability.

What to Expect from Our Faro Car Hire Service

Our Mission

Objectively our mission is to provide quality car rental Faro airport and an economy car hire in Portugal, mainly in Algarve. We keep our Faro car hire fleet updated with new rental cars and we really care about the maintenance of all our Faro rent a car fleet.

Our Values

Our values have to do essentially with honesty towards all Faro car hire customers not hiding the reality so we can keep the confidence of all Faro rent a car clients the Algarve. We prefer upfront honesty than dealing with Faro car rental complaints.

Our Solution

Our solution for clients looking for a good Faro rent a car at airport is to offer the best rental cars delivered directly from Faro airport with good maintenance and quick assistance in order to provide our customers with a great holiday in the Algarve.

Additional Effects & Classes

A collection of additional variations for structural and subtle stylistic adjustments. Effects and classes should be applied to the block within the Layout Manager, rather than in the module parameters, to ensure the desired effect is achieved.

Why Should You Choose My Portugal Car Algarve?

As customers we know that the trust we place in the companies we choose is very important. At Auto Rent Algarve we know that this trust can only be guaranteed through a serious and honest car hire service without deceiving the customer. We know that a satisfied customer will come back and recommend us to his friends. That's why our customers trust us when they need to rent a car in Faro airport or elsewhere in the Algarve. That is the reason you should choose Auto Rent Algarve. We are sure you will be happy you did.



Add low opacity to a block
Center the block content
Outer Box
Apply background to the whole block
Remove outer margin/padding
Align Left
Align block content to the left
Align Right
Align block content to the right
No Margin
Remove outer margin
No Padding
Remove outer padding
Add squared corners to a block
Add rounded corners to a block
Shadow 1
Add a shadow effect to a block
Shadow 2
Add a shadow effect to a block